Why is Coaching So Effective?

If you were to google ‘Why is coaching so effective?’, you would get no less than 62million pages on this subject! This is a clear indication of how bullish individuals & organizations are about the effectiveness of coaching.

McGovern (et. al. 2001) of the Manchester Consulting Group interviewed 100 executives who completed coaching and here are the results:

  • Return from coaching was 5.45 times the initial investment in coaching.
  • Tangible business impacts : Increased productivity (53%), quality (48%) and organizational strength (48%).
  • Intangible business impacts : Improved relationships with reports (77%), improved relationships with stakeholders (71%), improved teamwork (67%), improved relationships with peers (63%), improved job satisfaction (61%), reduced conflict (52%) and increased organizational commitment (44%).
  • 84% of the participants identified the quality of the relationship between executive and coach as critical to the success of coaching.

An internal report published by the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.

So why is coaching so effective in addressing human capital development issues?

  • Coaching is an on-going intervention where the coach and the coachee meet regularly to work on the issue.
  • It is personalized to address the coachee’s issue only. One size certainly does not fit everyone.
  • Focused on specific goals to achieve.
  • Supported by a coaching process and framework.
  • Accountability, where coachees own up to their weaknesses and strive towards achieving their goals.

* The above excepts are taken from the Article – Going Beyond Training, written by Chief Executive Coach and Founder of People Coaching Works, Coach Murphy and published @ Business Today 2010. Download the complete article.


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