What Makes a Successful Coaching Culture?

Creating a successful coaching culture is one of today’s most potent organisational change processes, especially in sustaining high performance.  Coaching interventions are already supporting individuals’ growth and development at the personal level.

What if the entire organisation were able to tap the coaching power, ideas and wisdom of these individuals?

What if the natural way of managing people is through coaching interventions?

What if the business competitive advantage expands by way of coaching?

What makes a successful coaching culture?

A successful coaching culture is when all executives – not hindered by reporting structure – engage in candid and honest ‘coaching-flavoured’ conversations discussing  about solving problems, improving working relationships and enhancing performance. Feedbacks become a natural practice amongst each other as a means of communication, learning and development. It helps all constituents to raise their maturity level in dealing with sensitive comments and in trusting each other for the betterment of the organisation. When these elements of practice become evident throughout the organisation, that means its coaching culture can be deemed successful.

Organisations with a solid high performance coaching culture demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Clarity about mission and vision of the organisation
  • Everyone has clarity in their role in creating success for the organisation
  • Continuously improving in the things they do and the way they do it
  • Always seek out and respond appropriately to performance feedback
  • Highly value on each other’s thoughts and ideas
  • Treat colleagues with utmost respect and compassion regardless of the differences
  • Committed and dedicated to give their personal best efforts in everything they do
  • Freely contribute to organisational goals without worrying about who gets the credit
  • Consistently achieve the results they are capable of achieving

Now that you know What Makes a Successful Coaching Culture, find out the exact implementation recipe at The 6 Pillars of a High-Performance Coaching Culture


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