Performance Coaching Session @ Bank Negara

Coach Murphy recently conducted a short session on ‘Performance Coaching’ at Bank Negara Malaysia’s monthly Brown Bag session. The Brown Bag session is an initiative to create awareness on the importance of coaching among employees of the Malaysia’s Central Bank. Each participant in this session is given a brown bag containing mineral water and light snacks as this session is usually conducted during the lunch hour. Participants get to eat and learn at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The session was held at Bank Negara’s very own KMC (Knowledge Management Centre) Theatrette and it was indeed a refreshing learning session out of the classroom!

Some of the main topics discussed are:

  • The difference between directive coaching & non-directive coaching.
  • What is performance coaching?
  • What is NOT performance coaching?
  • How to begin coaching effectively.
  • How to benefit from performance coaching.
  • Do you have the potential to be a performance coach?

Some photos of the event…



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