Leadership Development – Are you doing enough?

It is more than learned skills that determine a person’s ability to be a leader. The person needs to have the character traits that are necessary for effective leadership. To be a good leader you need to first gain the respect of others; your peers, your subordinates, your community and those closest to you. These are the people whom will recognize the leadership traits in you automatically, and whom will treat you with dignity.

In corporations, it is even more important to know that your team is continuously building leadership qualities. In fact, executive leadership development is fundamental in making sure that middle management, senior management and the C-level leaders, are offered the opportunity to participate in ongoing leadership development programs. You might ask yourself as a senior manager, are we doing enough for our executives?

There are always changing trends to deal with. There are fluctuating markets, and these days there are also global indicators that we need to embrace in order to get the best from our people. You may find that when you conduct an internal staff audit, that you have people on your team who possess the preferred character traits, but lack the learned skills to be a leader. However you also recognize that with the right amount of training, coaching and incentive, these people could actually possess the ability to become key management contenders in the future.

By recognizing and addressing these opportunities from within your organization, you will find it easier to place the right people in the right positions. There is no point having a person in an executive position, only to find that they don’t possess the ability to communicate with others effectively. Someone who demands and commands, as opposed to requests and suggests, is less likely to be respected by others. This is wasted time and money for your corporation, and at the end of the day someone needs to be accountable.


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