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Gaps in the leadership pipeline is the single most important problem companies have in the area of talent management today.                                     -Bersin & Associates-


Developing leadership talent has never been more important. If you’re like many leadership development professionals, you struggle with common challenging issues like

  • No accurate and objective way to identify high potential individuals.
  • Managers are promoted based on gut-feel and a subjective nomination process.
  • Assume top performers will make good managers.
  • The company offers a ‘one size fits all’ approach to developing leaders, a costly method that doesn’t truly target the unique development needs of each manager.
  • Leadership strengths of potential leaders are measured based on classroom interventions like profiling, interviews and observation.
  • The cost of offering a live assessment centre to all leaders is too high.

All the above issues drove People Coaching Works to develop a unique experiential leadership assessment, called the Experiential Leadership Strengths Assessment (ELSA) Program.

This is a challenging, real-life experiential program designed to accurately assess the skills that drive leadership excellence. During this unique 2-day experience, participants are put under various scenarios to respond under pressure. Through an engaging mixture of situations, tasks and team interaction, participants emerge themselves in a series of real-world leadership challenges and are evaluated based on how they would handle each issue. Evaluation of each participant will be based on the top 8 most essential leadership competencies.

What could this mean for your leadership development program?

The Experiential Leadership Strengths Assessment (ELSA) Program allows you to

  • Identify potential leaders based on behavior, exhibited during stressful scenarios. How you do anything is how you do everything!
  • Measure leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Diagnose and target individual and group development needs
  • Narrow the pool of assessment centre participants

Other key benefits

  • Costing a small fraction of a traditional assessment centre.
  • Highly personalized to the needs of the organization.

Want to know how the Experiential Leadership Strengths Assessment (ELSA) Program could help your leaders?

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