Leadership Development

JOHN C MAXWELL, reputed as one of the world’s leading authority on leadership once said, leadership is something that everyone talks about it; only few understand it. Most people want it; but only a handful of them mastered it. He went on to quote,

The effectiveness of your work never rise above your ability to lead and influence others. You cannot produce consistently on a level higher than your leadership. In other words, your leadership skills determine the level of your success – and the success of those who work around you.

Extraordinary leaders makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. They consistently add value to the organisation. They can get extraordinary results from ordinary people. While, average leaders usually wind up with ordinary results no matter how good their people are.

There are even leaders who, unfortunately, drag their groups down so that they get ordinary results from extraordinary people. The whole, then, becomes less than the sum of its parts. These leaders have little, if any, value to themselves or the organisation.

As an extraordinary leader, one has to learn how to coach, nurture, support and motivate their team members well. If leaders don’t take the time to develop their team members and ensure their professional needs are being met, all other efforts are futile in the long term. And to execute that effectively, the leaders themselves have to not only belief but be willing and to continuously be ahead of championing for effective  learning and improvement activities.

At People Coaching Works, we understand the importance of the right learning and development activities, especially in the area of leadership. Just like a ship, organizations need a capable captain to steer it along the right path. Right path, in this case, is a path agreed and/or accepted by the constituent of the organization as the most optimum path to take given the dynamics of the environment.

In order to prepare leaders of an organization to better perform their job as well as developing them for future leadership roles, People Coaching Works has built a framework, known as

L.E.A.D. Leadership Excellence Advancement Development

This framework spans two dimensions, namely commonly espoused Leadership Principles Appreciation and popularly practiced Leadership Skills Enhancement.  Each of the two dimensions has four modules that address the span of leadership roles in an organization. They are the (i) fundamental level (ii) practitioner level (iii) professional level; and (iv) mastery level.

The LEAD Framework produces benefits including but not limited to the following list;

  1. Closely support the organization’s business guiding principles such as the Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Core Ideologies Statements.
  2. Develop leaders to sustain superior performance even under immensely pressured circumstances.
  3. Promote employee loyalty by way of making exemplary decisions and actions that benefit all concern.
  4. Develop leadership abilities to influence, inspire and interact with direct reports from different generations and backgrounds.
  5. Accentuate high levels of awareness as a responsible and accountable leader at work and at home.
  6. Transforming a good organization to a great on as a result of the leader’s elevated wisdom & competencies.
  7. Build winning culture that supports passionate employee engagement that consistently underpins peak performance.
  8. Consistently lead with great focus and execution to achieve the desired overall results for the organization.

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