Executive Coaching

When asked, what was the best advice he ever received, Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, recognised it was from John Doerr in 2001, who said,

My advice to you is to have a coach

The role of an executive coach is not to replace the CEO but to serve as the ‘third eye,’ where they observe the situation, clarifies with the CEO and engage him/her to jointly generate options as the precursor to solving the problem.

AS THE WORLD GETS FLATTER over time, the success of sustainable organisations depend, to a certain extent, on the ability of its senior leaders to create a practical balance between vital organisation priorities and individual performance results that continues to maintain high performance and high profits.

From the business point of view, the behavioural elements of individual performance seems to be increasingly identified as the dictating factor. So, it is valid to claim that effective and efficient behavioural management is the only practical way where actions can be properly executed and desired outcomes duly achieved in due course. After all, the success and failure of an organisation depends on the state of behavior of its employees.

Executive coaching is increasingly coming onto the mainstream of workforce development due to the many evidences such as positive impact on business; rapid enhancement where changes are accepted and implemented easily; increase and sustain work productivity; hence significantly increasing high returns on development investment. According to the much followed Global Coaching Survey conducted by Frank Bresser Consulting, coaching is not only a widely accepted business tool by Malaysian companies, but a predominant executive coaching culture has also emerged in many of them to sustain desired results.

People Coaching Works champions this cause and aims to provide avenues for world-class coaching practices to be employed and interwoven over time into the fabrics of organizational culture. There are essentially two tracks of competencies in this area of service – (i) Personalized Power Coaching Program (PPC), and (ii) Internal Coach Development Program (ICDP).

P.A.C.E.Personal Aptitude Coaching Engagement
The Personal Aptitude Coaching Engagement is a highly-acclaimed results-oriented one-to-one coaching system that helps coaches progress from a less desirable situation to a highly desirable position. Backed by detailed assessment tools, powerful coaching templates, crystal clear behavioral wisdom, expansive coaching process experience, meticulous questioning techniques, pragmatic action implementation strategies and informative feedback support, it clearly explains why this coaching program produces the most desired results for our clients consistently. On top of that, employers are consistently kept in the loop with regular coaching sessions reports that illustrates the progress of the assigned coachee and review meetings to decide on the way forward.

I.C.D.P.Internal Coach Development Program
The Internal Coach Development Program is a comprehensive system that consists of clear, workable roadmaps to help the organization establish an internal coaching academy that leads to an internationally recognized certification process.

The COACHING Framework above produces benefits including but not limited to the following list;

  1. Provide practical platforms to inculcate a solution-focused coaching culture within the organization.
  2. Promote self-governed and business-aligned personal and professional development initiatives and action plans.
  3. Help employees sustain superior performance even under highly pressured circumstances.
  4. Promote employee loyalty by way of exemplary decisions and actions that benefit all parties concerned.
  5. Accentuate high levels of awareness as a responsible and accountable employee at work and at home.
  6. Consistently perform up to expectation with great focus and execution to achieve desired KPIs.

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