Podcast Interviews

Listen and download audio interviews with Coach Murphy on The Business Radio Station, BFM 89.90. Do allow some time to load the audio before listening. Enjoy!

Topic #1 : Performance Improvement Starts with Inner Worth

Part I : Coach Murphy, founder & Chief Executive Coach of People Coaching Works, shares insightful tips for Performance Improvement. Coach Murphy tells us how he started coaching people and points out common mistakes made by sales professionals.

Part II : 5 ways to improve your Inner-Worth and obtain a ‘Checklist’ to keep you on track.

Part IPart II


Topic #2 : Delegation and Empowerment

Coach Murphy talks about the four key challenges in delegating tasks.

Part IPart II


Topic #3 : Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Coach Murphy talks about one of the most essential skills in shaping yourself to be a change agent: Communication.


Topic #4 : Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Coach Murphy continues his series by talking about the differences, challenges, issues and the lack of results of coaching and mentoring.


Topic #5 : Problem Solving and Decision Making

Coach Murphy discusses the most effective ways in problem solving and decision making.


Topic #6 : Leadership Styles for the year 2010

Coach Murphy discusses the need to change leadership styles for the year 2010.