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Self-awareness is crucial to leadership and the right coaching serves to heighten it. Over the years I’ve found that many CEOs and other senior executives seem to be aware they need coaching but don’t pursue it. Why is that? I think it’s largely due to the fact that there is a gap between desire (what […]

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Leadership has been practised by mankind since time immemorial and over the years many have attempted to perfect the definition of leadership only to end up even more confused and lost. There is a saying that when something no longer works you should just return to the basics. This article is intended to do just […]

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7 Proven Qualities To Develop as an Effective Leader

We all know that leadership plays a mandatory role in the success of any organization. Effective leadership is something everyone wishes to master but only a few manage it successfully. Organizations from everywhere spend huge resources to develop leadership qualities of their people but the eventual outcome, be it financial or otherwise, is not so encouraging. That indicates […]

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Better Business Leadership – Does a Coaching Culture Really Help?

If you’re looking at ways of improving the business leadership of your company, and have realized that a completely new approach may be in order, then taking some time to find out more about creating a coaching culture, may just give you the shift in corporate mindset that could make all of the difference. More […]

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Leadership Development – Are you doing enough?

It is more than learned skills that determine a person’s ability to be a leader. The person needs to have the character traits that are necessary for effective leadership. To be a good leader you need to first gain the respect of others; your peers, your subordinates, your community and those closest to you. These […]

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Leadership Styles – Geese, Eagles & Turkeys

Coach Murphy shares the 3 Leadership Styles – Geese, Eagles & Turkeys. Find out your leadership style and it’s characteristic! Video is a short clip taken at Business Network International (BNI)’s Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

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Acquiring Leadership Traits through Leaders Program

There are certainly people who are born leaders. But just because you might not have been born a leader, there are many leadership traits you can acquire and put into use through a competent leaders program. You will no doubt have exposure to at least one leadership style you aren’t used to already and be […]

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