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Coach Murphy receives Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award

Our founder Coach Murphy has been awarded the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) from Toastmasters International (TI) at the recent District 51 Toastmasters International 20th Semi-Annual Convention 2012. The DTM award, being the highest educational accomplishment in TI, is awarded to candidates who have achieved both the Advance Communicator Gold (ACG) and Advance Leader Silver (ALS) awards. […]

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Breakfast Forum : Developing Retention and Engagement Strategies

Employees who are engaged are more productive, content and more likely to be loyal to an organization. By implementing strategies that enable employees to stay engaged and stay motivated, employees are able to pursue desired career paths resulting in improved business performance! In one of our recent Breakfast Forums, we gathered representatives from various fields […]

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Performance Coaching Session @ Bank Negara

Coach Murphy recently conducted a short session on ‘Performance Coaching’ at Bank Negara Malaysia’s monthly Brown Bag session. The Brown Bag session is an initiative to create awareness on the importance of coaching among employees of the Malaysia’s Central Bank. Each participant in this session is given a brown bag containing mineral water and light […]

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Leadership Retreat at Avillion, Port Dickson

We have had numerous training and coaching sessions for clients in the Klang Valley. These sessions were usually done at the client’s venue. As we all know, getting all the top-level managers to gather for a learning session is usually a challenge for the coordinator simply because they’re so busy all the time!! Once in […]

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The difference between a Leader and a Manager.

It has been yet another busy week for us at People Coaching Works last week. We’re privileged to be invited to participate in an exclusive HR conference organized by our associate partner, SandFil Solutions International. The HR conference entitled Retaining Talent in a Diverse Multigenerational Workforce Dynamics was attended by HR practitioners from Malaysia and […]

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The 6 Pillars of a High-Performance Coaching Culture

Now that you know What Makes a Successful Coaching Culture, let’s look at the 6 pillars of creating a High-Performance Coaching Culture. These 6 pillars can be summarized into P.L.A.C.E.S. Pillar #1 – Prepare Coaching Champions as Role Models The process of coaching, when executed properly by work teams, produces egalitarian, high-trust relationships that transform […]

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What Makes a Successful Coaching Culture?

Creating a successful coaching culture is one of today’s most potent organisational change processes, especially in sustaining high performance.  Coaching interventions are already supporting individuals’ growth and development at the personal level. What if the entire organisation were able to tap the coaching power, ideas and wisdom of these individuals? What if the natural way […]

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Why is Coaching So Effective?

If you were to google ‘Why is coaching so effective?’, you would get no less than 62million pages on this subject! This is a clear indication of how bullish individuals & organizations are about the effectiveness of coaching. McGovern (et. al. 2001) of the Manchester Consulting Group interviewed 100 executives who completed coaching and here […]

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How Coaching Works?

How does coaching work? Spare 4 minutes and find out now! Watch this animated movie that shows how the coaching process works.

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Coaching Skills – How to Prepare for a Coaching Session

Coach Murphy shares quick & simple steps to prepare for a coaching session. Proper preparation will lead to a fruitful coaching session for the coach as well as the coachee. Video is a short clip taken at the Gearing Up to High Performance Coaching Success Program in Kuala Lumpur.

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