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The Founder

Murphy LumCoach Murphy is the founder, Chief Executive Coach & Master Trainer of People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd. His lifelong mission is to continuously learn from life experiences, to consistently create excellent growth and development activities based on personal and borrowed wisdom; and to perpetually share them with others through his unique coaching, mentoring, consulting and counseling skills and experiences so as to empower people with additional choices to enjoy the freedom of living life to the fullest.

For many years now, Coach Murphy has made a positive impact to international employees of multinational companies, government-linked companies, public listed companies as well as small-medium-sized companies in Maldives, Singapore and Malaysia in areas of leadership mindset and attitude, sustaining peak performance and coaching excellence.

His major involvement currently is in the following areas:

  • Offer a NO GROWTH, NO PAY promise to leaders who are committed and dedicated to personal and professional growth and improvements.
  • Personal coaching sessions for senior management staff, mainly for succession development and career progression.
  • Implementing internal coaching deployment process system, which includes developing managers and/or selected employees to become internal coaches.
  • Training mid-to-senior level management staff on embracing leadership principles and essential leadership skills to fulfill current and future leadership requirements.
  • Implementing organizational learning and development system for organizations ready to be transformed into a strategic learning organization.

Some of Coach Murphy’s sterling track record includes:

  • Transformed a company suffering from stagnated growth for 4 years to now achieving 18% per annum.
  • World-class senior managers of a leading Multinational Company not performing up to GM’s expectation, managed to record a performance improvement of 89%.
  • Head of division of a large and global government-linked company has struggled to be accepted as the leader of the Division, now enjoyed high ratings from superiors, peers and subordinates as revealed by the 360-degree performance feedback exercise.
  • Head of division of a large and global government-linked company has focused too much on micro-management, now spent more time to develop and lead others  and received public commendation from Group CEO for his visible improvements.
  • National telecommunication company in Maldives faced succession problem as HODs were not fully equipped with essential leadership skills, learnt essential questioning techniques to unlock blind spots to lead.
  • Country head of an Multinational Company not achieving sales target for the past 6 quarters, achieved a turnaround after 4 months of executive coaching, 327% increase in sales the next quarter, 271% increase in the following quarter and promoted to be GM in charge of Asia.
  • and many more …

Career-wise, Coach Murphy started out as cost accountant in Tumasek Pewter Sdn Bhd in 1992, where he created the costing system in that company. In 1994, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to become the understudy of a top management consultant in this region. Being a quick learner, he set up his own consultancy practice, 4i Resources in 1996, focusing on business process and systems optimization. In 1999, he was head hunted to be principal consultant for Cybertouch Sdn Bhd, in charge of the logistics and distribution industry. In 2002, he was headhunted again to be the Managing Director of Agiga WorldCom Sdn Bhd, where he popularised the web template business. In 2003, he started his own human potential development company known as Mobiletivation Sdn Bhd and changed its name to People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd in 2005 to reflect its core competencies in leadership development.

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The Company




People Coaching Works has successfully delivered executive leadership coaching and training programs to many Multinational Companies, Government-Linked Companies and Public Listed Companies in Malaysia, Singapore & Maldives. The key reason contributing to it’s continuous success is due to their tested and proven methodology.

People Coaching Works' Tested and Proven Methodology

Leadership competency gap assessment (shapes key focus areas)
Key learning & development objective formulation (based on SMARTER principle)
Integrated program customization (established from Stage 2)
Learning delivery via LEARN framework to support understanding and retention
Application of learning via LEAP exercises (where impact of learning at workplace is augmented)
Follow up coaching to track efficiency & evaluate effectiveness (securing encouraging ROI)

In order to sustain high quality programs, People Coaching Works fully focus on the following areas of specialty

Strategic In-House Executive Coach Deployment System
Researches have proven that companies that have inculcated a high performance coaching culture is enjoying better successes in many fronts compared to those companies who have yet to do so. The area of specialty has been purposefully designed and developed to help companies build an internal ‘coaching department’ so that they, too, could organized and run internal coaching programs that instill the desired coaching culture. We have received feedback from clients saying that we have helped them save costs and increase ROI in their coaching projects.

Business-Driven Organizational Learning and Development Framework

We have been told countless times by our clients that the L&D activities they have run so far don’t seem to have the tangible impact they desired. As we are avid believers in the potential of such activities, we  took it upon ourselves to research and develop ways to decipher the organizational LEARNING APPLICATION conundrum, with the aim of producing comprehensive learning solutions that REALLY WORK for the business, the team and the individual.

We are proud to claim that our organizational learning and development framework has been making the right impact on our clients’ L&D agenda. This framework consists of eight cohesive, end-to-end components that spans from alignment with strategic business priorities and direction, all the way to garnering and documenting L&D success stories.

Leadership Succession Development Program

Leadership development has been one of the most cited areas by companies of various sizes, industries and nationals to be their key focus area of development. While there are many providers who are offering leadership development programs, we choose to focus on behavioral development for current and future succession requirements. In other words, we help companies develop their leaders to be “promotion-certified” so that they have a pool of leaders who have the behavioral maturity to take on cross-functional roles, acting head roles, secondment roles and so forth.

Our success stories in this area is made possible due to the leverage we have on our in-depth and rich competency in performance and behavioral coaching abilities  as well as organizational adult learning  proficiency. The tools and activities used in this leadership succession development program are adopted from our coaching track as well as the organizational learning track.

Why Choose People Coaching Works as Your People Development Partner?

  • Our activities are designed to fit into the “big picture” of your organization to promote consistency.
  • Driven by your business priorities and overall strategic goals alignment.
  • Aimed to address your organization’s recurring issues and challenges effectively and efficiently.
  • Each planned activity focuses on;

  • instilling learning and development interest in participants.
  • tapping into participants’ prior knowledge and experience.
  • drawing participants to present their personal work issues and challenges.
  • promoting high-quality learning via our powerful LEARN methodology.
  • ensuring action steps are created and implemented based on new lessons learnt via another powerful tool known as LEAP.
  • follow-up refresher coaching sessions are built-in to provide further support to participants and to safeguard learning investments.

We are totally committed to Producing Competent Workforce!!!